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Luxury or Lie: An interview with Instructor Adam Harris

Adam Harris has been a great friend to the NAWCC, the National Watch and Clock Museum, and Watchnews. Since 2012 he has been the NAWCC’s wristwatch champion, extolling the virtues of wristwatches and sharing his knowledge with the NAWCC and the public. Harris has given four webinars (links to these below), curated the Museum’s first wristwatch installation, and has written more than a dozen articles for Watchnews. His four years as wristwatch curator at the Museum has elevated him from wristwatch collector and enthusiast to consultant horologist and educator.


Harris will return in October of this year to teach the course Luxury or Lie? How to Identify Genuine Watches. From his home in Alicante, Spain, he shares with Watchnews his thoughts on the course. [...]

Three Biggest Questions

by Adam Harris


With my latest acquisition I try to answer these three questions for all watch aficionados to ponder. After 10 years and 200-plus “vintage” watches, why ask myself these questions now? The answer lies in my latest acquisition: a beautiful “vintage” Rolex GMTII.


First, no one can buy a used Rolex today from an authorized distributor, without being concerned if it’s 100 percent genuine and original. Love it or hate it, Rolex is still the most iconic luxury watch sold today—and the most counterfeited manufactured watch. Rolex sells at least 800,000 watches a year; I would not be surprised to learn the fakers sell as many! Over 1 billion genuine watches are made each year. Switzerland is the world leader in watch sales at some $24 billion.  [...]

Artwork by Keith Lehman & Yujin Bronner

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