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Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Pilot by the trunk of an white pine tree in the snow. Photo by Keith Lehman.

Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Pilot by the trunk of an white pine tree in the snow. Photo by Keith Lehman.

Time on the Wrist: Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Pilot Automatic Chronograph

Saved by the Balance: A Watch

That Brought Astronauts Home

Hamilton Watch Co. recently donated a collection of watches to the National Watch & Clock Museum. Among these watches, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator was reviewed by Adam Harris, guest wristwatch curator and NAWCC instructor. Another watch in the collection, the Khaki Pilot Automatic Chronograph, is now reviewed.


In their austerity efforts in the 1970s the British military allowed commercially available movements to be applied to their pilot’s watches. Hamilton, which the Swatch Group had recently purchased, was one of the companies contracted. Mechanical watches were produced for more than ten years until the 1980s when the military opted for even less expensive and more reliable quartz movements created by Seiko1. [...]

Watch spotting makes a great parlor game, Whether singers, actors, athletes, or corrupt Russian politicians whose trove of ticking finery sometimes pop up in arrest footage, one can choose many kinds of individuals whose timepieces are fun to identify and analyze.


Watches worn by movie stars are, of course, noteworthy. Although some timepieces on the silver screen are hardly identifiable and appear to have no special significance, others feature so prominently that they become a crucial part of a hero’s image or even ascend to the level of a pivotal plot element. In the next couple of articles we will look at some timepieces that have had important cameos in movies about space exploration. [...]

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