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How I Found the Original

James Bond Watch

Fake Wristwatch Sleuth Adam Harris

Debuts Course: Luxury or Lie?


Adam Harris's course Luxury or Lie? debuts at The National Watch & Clock Museum October 3-5. Many NAWCC staff members prepared materials and promoted Adam’s course, but Harris, guest wristwatch curator at the Museum, has invested himself in this instruction and will share his experiences as a consultant at a pawn shop in Spain; Harris has seen it all.


In WatchNews's last interview with Harris, he gave the background of Luxury or Lie? and the fake wristwatch industry. He even gave some tips on how to spot a fake. With only a week away WN was curious about what he has learned since our last chat three months ago and if he is willing to share a few more tips on how to identify a fake luxury watch. [...]

The literary, or original, watch of personal choice for the James Bond character is a Rolex 1016 Explorer. Details related to my making this first definitive identification were published in the February 2009 issue of WatchTime magazine. So this is not an article about “what” Agent 007 wore, but, rather, it’s a piece more

functionally relevant to BULLETIN readers: “How was it found?”


Yes, “Rolex” is the only James Bond watch specifically named by creator Ian Fleming. But watch collectors who read Fleming’s books after hearing about “the

James Bond Rolex” are often surprised at how little attention the brand is actually given in those pages. In fact, Rolex is ascribed to Bond in only two novels. It

appears one time during the plot of Live and Let Die (1954). Nine years later, Rolex is mentioned an unprecedented seven times as Bond’s own purchase in

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963). [...]


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