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Ultimate Explorers: A Brief Introduction
to the First Watches in Space

Transformation in Time:

The National Watch and Clock Museum

Modern mechanical wristwatches are something of an oddity. Nobody really needs them, yet people buy them at exorbitant prices, which sometimes make them by far the most expensive thing a man (or sometimes even a woman) wears on a daily basis. Granted, this is often the case with jewelry and luxury accessories made of precious materials.


 However, many of these curious mechanical contraptions with hefty price tags come cased in humble steel, with most of the value allegedly stemming from their superb functional characteristics—the very same that, ironically, are pretty much obsolete in this day and age.[...]

My first visit to the National Watch and Clock Museum was in 2009. Before my visit, I had been studying horology for some time and had miraculously stumbled on a great mentor; I gained from him a little knowledge and some outstanding wristwatches.


I have traveled a great deal in my retirement, and I like to visit museums of horology. On this trip in 2009 to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I decided to visit the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA, and present my collection to them. I contacted Museum Director Noel Poirier, and we agreed on a date to meet. [...]

Educational Spotlight

American Time Only Movement

By Mike Dempsey



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