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MrWatchMaster Meets…Patrick Hohmann

Original content by MrWatchMaster 6/22/17


The Zurich start-up company Werenbach  has been making watches since 2013 out of material from spaceborn Russian Soyuz rockets. Up to now the watches have been produced in very limited editions and sold directly to clients. Three watches have already been unofficially tested by astronauts in space. Patrick Hohmann is the owner and CEO of Werenbach. He has written about his entrepreneurial beginnings in the adventure novel ‘Werenbachs Uhr’ Bilgerverlag, 2015).


“To produce watches which are more inspiring and emotional than any others” – Werenbach vision"


We are delighted to bring you an insight into what drives Patrick and motivated him to embark on his epic journey to build watches from space rockets.


MWM: How is business? [...]

Patrick wants to find more space rockets


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