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Renowned Wristwatch Portraitist to Exhibit at National Watch and Clock Museum

-Keith Lehman 3/29/17

Watch portrait by Atom Moore.

Doing what you love and loving what you do are two different disciplines. Rarely do these two intersect, especially in our careers. Not in the case of wristwatch portraitist and photographer Atom Moore. Combining his profession as a photographer and his enthusiasm for wristwatches, Moore has gained recognition as an artist and created a critically acclaimed body of work. Today his talents are sought after by some of the most distinguished names of the wristwatch world, including Tudor and F. P. Journe.


Aside from his work as house photographer and art director for the online boutique Analog/Shift, Moore has compiled a series of artistic interpretations of wristwatch portraits that he calls mashups. These mashups explore various visual aspects of watches, such as the varying degrees of patinas of vintage Rolex watches of the same model or what a starburst of lugs looks like circling the case of a Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark XL.

Watch portrait by Atom Moore.

See the Analog/Shift website for the following description of his book Watch Portraits:


“In his collection, Watch Portraits, Atom explores the finest aspects of vintage and modern pieces. From his macro shots—incredibly beautiful photographs that peer into the subtle embellishments of each piece—to his whimsical "mashups" that extrapolate on those details through repetition and collage, Watch Portraits is a beautiful and unique look at the world of watches.”


Come see his work starting April 30, when Moore’s work will be featured in the Watch Portraits exhibit at the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. The exhibit is open to the public and runs through December 31.


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