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360 Degrees of Time

-Keith Lehman 3/10/17

The ancient Babylonians decided that there are 360 degrees in a circle and that time itself could be expressed within that circle. We have come full circle (pun intended) with technology. Creating 360-degree content is a key in developing a closer connection to clients.


CNN has a virtual reality page where viewers can see events, including this year’s running of the bulls in Spain—unimaginable in the not too distant past. The Google Cultural Institute allows visitors around the world to visit many world museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites. All you need is a computer or device and an Internet connection.

Pearl: An Animated Short by Patrick Osborne

Oscar nominated virtual reality short, Pearl, directed by Patrick Osborne and sponsored by Google Spotlight. It is described as “A sweet coming-of-age story that follows a daughter, her musician father and the family car over a span of years, following the duo as the daughter grows from a tiny tot to a young woman ready to take her father’s legacy to the next level.” Although fictional, this story is fitting as takes us on a 360 degree journey through time and if your father plays the guitar, it will definitely resonate with you.

Wristwatch Brands Inspired
by America’s Pastime

-Keith Lehman 3/9/17

Beatrice De Quervain, Hublot U.S. president, and Roberto Chiappelloni, owner of Manfredi Jewels, with Alex Rodriguez on September 22 at Yankee Stadium.

Spring training is right around the corner for readers who suffer from what NPR’s Robert Siegel describes as “advanced baseballophilia”, and the 2017 World Baseball Classic has already begun for the internationally minded readers.


Watch brands love baseball too but for different reasons than the average enthusiast. Hublot is especially interested in the sport. In 2010 the presidents of Hublot U.S. and Manfredi Jewels commemorated Alex Rodriguez’s 600 home runs with a unique Big Bang Power Black Magic Chronograph before a packed Tampa Bay Rays game in Yankee Stadium. The Swiss company is also a global sponsor of this year’s 2017 World Baseball Classic.


Rodriquez’s girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lopez, has her own line of fashionable quartz watches, The Jennifer Lopez Collection.


Current American watchmakers find inspiration in the sport but in different ways.

Fountain pen and wristwatch in Vortic’s Chicago World Champions Commemorative Set.

Vortic Watch Co. in Fort Collins, CO, honors the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians that ended the team’s 108-year World Series drought in its Chicago World Champions Commemorative Set. The set includes its American Artisan Series 2.0 watch with an Elgin movement and a leather strap cut from a vintage baseball glove. Created by artist Tim Cullen, a fountain pen made of wood from Wrigley Field seats from the 1930s is included.

1892 Waltham baseball dial pocket watch beside RGM Watch Co., PS-801-BB or Baseball in Enamel.

Inspired by an 1892 Waltham baseball dial pocket watch in the 2012 exhibit Time Out at the National Watch and Clock Museum, Roland Murphy, founder of RGM Watch Co., in Lititz, PA, decided to make his own. In 2015 Murphy released the limited edition PS-801-BB or “Baseball in Enamel” wristwatch. All ten watches were sold—a testament to the continued popularity of baseball and appreciation of the American Spirit.

Interesting Infographics about Wristwatches

-Keith Lehman 3/6/17

Infographics are a popular tool to illustrate complicated subject matter. For instance, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you know that following the story line can be a bit complicated. Luckily, someone made an infographic to help untangle some of those more complicated story knots that George R. R. Martin so meticulously wound.


Since we’re on the topic of winding, here are four insightful and entertaining infographics on wristwatches. While you’re here visit our Pinterest page where you can find these other graphics that I’ve pinned on wristwatches and horology. Enjoy!


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