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Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch: The Future of Automatic Watches

- By WatchNews (PA) 11/05/20

black-dialed wristwatch with a grey metal case and bracelet
The unique symbiosis of a classic timepiece with smart functions to manage your time—wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Leitners is a German-based company with an R&D team in Brno (Czech Republic), the IT and cultural hub of Central Europe. It was founded in 2019 by a team of watch enthusiasts with a clear vision: to make handcrafted classic watches enriched by smart functions, so no one ever would have to wear automatic watches on one hand and a smart band on the other anymore.

Leitners claim that they are not only challenging what timepieces are meant to be, but also aiming to become one of the first exponential organizations in the watch industry. Founder and CEO Rostislav Slovák states that, "We were tired of wishing others to create the watches we desire, therefore we decided to create our own."

There is definietly something to this becasue their Kickstarter campaign, launching their hybrid smartwatch, The Ad Maiora, was fully funded in just thirty minutes!

cropped close-up of a mityot co. automatic movement

Product: Ad Maiora – The Hybrid Smartwatch

Ad Maiora (means “towards greater things” in English) is the unique symbiosis of premium mechanical movement with smart functions. It is an automatic watch, which has smart functions for your daily time management wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. It is also a smartwatch that you will not be ashamed of placing it in your classic watch collection.

Automatic Watch Redefined

The soul of Ad Maiora is the classic design of a mechanical watch with physical hands and premium automatic movement. We preserve the classic aesthetics and the unique user experience of physical interaction which can only be provided by mechanical watch. By implementing MIYOTA 9030 self-winding mechanics, the watch will always show time without batteries.

Smart without Compromises

The smart brain of Ad Maiora is the integrated circuit which provides most functions known from smartwatches on the market. We understand that a high-quality display is essential for user experience these days. Therefore is Ad Maiora is enriched by the full-dial e-ink display, where you can easily follow your schedules, track your activities, and preview messages. Thanks to the e-ink display, you only need to charge it once per week, which is seven times better than the most popular smart watch on the market.

Designed for Greater Things

Ad Maiora is designed for versatile use in daily life, so you would not need to combine your classic watches with a smart band anymore. It can be an elegant dress watch, or you can use it as a sporty wearable. You can take it for running or wear it while hiking, thanks to its reliable durability and smart functions to track your performance. Ad Maiora is here with you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. You can enjoy all smart features, but do not need to hide it up in your sleeves during a formal meeting. What we can guarantee is the fully in-house production in European Union with German precision and the best materials possible.

white-dialed wristwatch with a grey metal case and bracelet

Highlighted Features:

“At a Glance” Time Management Tool

Stay organized and on top of your day-to-day plans with Ad Maiora’s non-distracting graphical schedule. With its ‘”At a Glance”’ functionality, busy periods are synced from your calendars and highlighted on your watch’s Ee-Ink display.

Your Adventure Partner

Its durable design is inspired by classic adventure watches. Ad Maiora goes beyond just the time tracking and offers even more tracking features for your activities. Track your walking, cycling, hiking, and other activities with multiple analytics, from GPS positioning and elevation gain measuring, to heart rate censoring and VO2 max monitoring.

Check out the list of all the main features here:

It's not too late to get in on this novel, and for the mechanically inclined, guiltless approach to the smartwatch. Visit their Kickstarter to find out more.

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