RGM Adds Classic Enamel to 801 Pennsylvania Series Models
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RGM Adds Classic Enamel to 801 Pennsylvania Series Models

- By Keith Lehman (PA) 11/30/18

Roland Murphy, long-time friend of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors and owner of RGM Watch Co., has released a new line of wristwatches this week. The PS-801-CE Classic Enamel sports a delectable double sunk enamel dial that is an homage to the golden age of pocket watch-making. It has been a busy year for Murphy who has released several new lines of watches, sponsored the Keeper of Time Kickstarter campaign, participated in the WatchTime show in New York, and donated two RGM watches that were auctioned off for the benefit of the NAWCC. The PS-801-CE Classic Enamel is a wonderful addition to the RGM line up. RGM Watch Co. describes the watch in the following press release:


RGM Adds Classic Enamel to 801 Pennsylvania Series Models
(USA, Mount Joy, PA) November 28, 2018 – RGM introduces the PS-801-CE, Classic Enamel.

The classic double sunk enamel dial is inspired by classic pocket watches from the past. The double sunk enamel dial is made of three separate pieces and then soldered together to make the dial; the same technique that was used on pocket watch dials over 100 years ago. The three different layers of enamel give the dial depth and add to the overall beauty of the watch. This kind of dial can only be made by a very experienced and skilled enamel dial craftsman.

The Grand Feu (French for “Great Fire”) technique was utilized to make these dials. Creating an enamel watch dial is a high-risk art. Enameling is a technique in which powdered glass is applied to a metal plate. The surface is then heated to a temperature high enough to cause the powdered glass to melt and form a new surface. The Grand Feu technique raises the stakes. The repeated baking of successive layers of enamel at extremely high temperatures ensures a uniquely crisp aesthetic while permanently setting the enamel. Using such high heat to create these beautiful dials also poses a risk: each time it is re-fired, the danger of cracking, melting or burning increases. With great risk comes great reward – the appearance of a real glass enamel dial is unmistakable.

Under this extraordinary dial is RGM’s original in-house movement: Caliber 801. Inspired by America’s great watchmaking history, the 801 highlights classic bridge shapes, reminiscent of Keystone Howard Watch Company’s Edward Howard model. The unique winding click is inspired by the Illinois Illini model. The entirely hand finished and decorated 801 movement denotes the quality of its construction, including polished and blued steel components. The movement can also be customized.

The watch is housed in a polished stainless steel Pennsylvania series case. With its large lugs and ribbed sides, the watch is architecture on the wrist. Like many of the components of the Caliber 801, the case is also made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, and finished by hand.

Technical Specifications:

American-made RGM Caliber 801, manual wind
19 jewels
18,000 vph
Rhodium or gold plated
Circular damaskeening
7-tooth winding click
Optional wolf’s tooth winding wheels available

Power Reserve:
40-44 hours


American-made polished stainless steel
Sapphire crystal front and case back

Diameter: 43.3mm
Height: 12.3mm
Width between lugs: 22mm

Grand Feu white enamel double-sunk
3 levels of enamel
Subsidiary seconds dial
Blued steel Breguet hands (Keystone hands also available)

Stainless steel with Keystone insignia


USD$11,900 (steel), $24,700 rose gold

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