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Review: GX1 Swiss Made Chronograph

- By Chase Monico (PA) 6/11/18

Photo of LIV GX1
Photo of LIV GX1 by Chase Monico.

LIV Watches is a microbrand that has set records on Kickstarter for having some of the highest funded Swiss watches on the site. Started by Sholom “Chaz” Chazanow, with the release of the GX1 Swiss Quartz Chronograph, LIV has raised over 3.2 million dollars from its previous Kickstarter campaigns, and its current campaign, The Breakthrough—which you can learn more about here—has already raised roughly half a million dollars in 7 days with 23 days left. This GX1 is a beautifully designed sport-style watch that is becoming part of the collection at the National Watch and Clock Museum.

Photo of LIV GX1 outer box
Photo of LIV GX1 outer box by Chase Monico.
Photo of LIV GX1 envelope with spot UV
Photo of LIV GX1 envelope with spot uv by Chase Monico.

Upon opening the large 6″ x 6″ x 4.75″ outer box, you are greeted with a sleek spot UV printed envelope containing the instructions, warranty information, a sticker, microfiber cloth, and a personal message from Chaz.

Photo of LIV GX1 packaging
Photo of LIV GX1 packaging by Chase Monico.
Photo of LIV GX1 storage box
Photo of LIV GX1 storage box by Chase Monico.

The high-quality, fabric-wrapped inner box is used to store your watch. The front of the box is printed with LIV’s motto “Dare To LIV.” It is obvious that this is a high-end product because great care was taken in the design of the packaging.

Photo of LIV GX1
Photo of LIV GX1 by Chase Monico.
Photo of LIV GX1 Case Back
Photo of LIV GX1 case back by Chase Monico. (Protective sticker still in place to protect case back during review process.)

Compared to the average price of a Swiss-made Chronograph watch, the GX1’s price point competes favorably with other watches, such as the Tissot T-Race Chronograph. Both feature a sapphire crystal, screwed-down crown at the 3 o'clock position, and a Swiss quartz movement (the GX1 features a RONDA startech Caliber 5040.D), but the GX1 beats the Tissot with its spectacular 300 meter/1,000 feet water resistance and $590 price tag compared to the Tissot at $650. That is correct! The GX1 is only a $590 watch that has the appearance of a much more expensive watch. The GX1 comes in 10 different colorways with a screwed-down case back: steel and silver, black and orange, gray and yellow, gray and gray, steel and blue, rose gold, black and blue, black and gray, steel and white, and the color of this watch black and white.

Photo of LIV GX1 crown
Photo of LIV GX1 crown by Chase Monico.
The screwed-down crown is secure and notched for good grip so that it is easier to unscrew. The LIV logo is also engraved on the crown. When setting the time, turning the crown is very smooth with good resistance so you can precisely set the time. The stunning hands and applied indices of this watch feature a lume for use in the dark. The lume on the indices is much harder to see than the clear glow of the hands.
Photo of LIV GX1 lume
Photo of LIV GX1 lume by Chase Monico. (Photograph taken in low light conditions with long exposure time. Brightness of lume may vary.)
Photo of LIV GX1
Photo of LIV GX1 by Chase Monico.

The dial features a very subtle starburst pattern behind the subdials. The numerals are a unique font with the numbers being formed by cutting them from material instead of just printing white numbers on the face. The chapter ring has clear defined markings for the minute positions. The date is at the 4 o'clock position and is very easy to read at a glance. The manual states the watch has a standard battery life of 54 months.

Photo of LIV GX1
Photo of LIV GX1 by Chase Monico.

The chronograph features three multilayer subdials giving the watch face depth: one second hand, one 1/10th of a second, and one 30-minute counter. The 1/10th of a second subdial stops rotating after 30 seconds to save power. The chronograph pushers are firm and cannot be accidentally pressed; they have a “two-step” press with a nice audible and physical click that confirms you pressed the pusher to start, stop, or reset the chronograph. It is also possible to set the chronograph hands by pressing both pushers when the crown is pulled all the way out to the third position.

Photo of how the LIV GX1 fits on a 7.5 in (19.05 cm) wrist
Photo of how the LIV GX1 fits on a 7.5 in (19.05 cm) wrist by Chase Monico.

If you are looking for a robust, heavy, watch with a big presence on the wrist, the GX1 is one you want to consider. The case is made of a durable 316L (marine grade) stainless steel with a Black IP Coating with a brushed metal look. The bezel has a stippled look which gives it the rugged appearance. The GX1 has a 45 mm (1.77″) diameter, a 14 mm (.5″) height giving it a very pronounced profile, and on my 7.5″ diameter wrist it is very comfortable and does not look out of place.

Photo of LIV GX1 strap
Photo of LIV GX1 strap by Chase Monico.
Photo of LIV GX1 strap
Photo of LIV GX1 strap by Chase Monico.

The watch also has a 23 mm (.9″) lug width and form fitted silicone strap. The standard strap is a very nice rubber strap with two keepers and a tang buckle that feels secure for any high-activity situation, but this is not as common a strap width. This is a pretty long strap and could roughly fit a 9″ wrist at the largest hole. If you do not prefer rubber straps, a customizable black leather strap created for the GX1 is available with four colors of stitching, and three buckle options, including a deployant buckle and the common tang-style buckle.

Photo of LIV GX1
Photo of LIV GX1 by Chase Monico.

Considering the price of this watch, it is clear that it is one to consider for your collection because of its long-lasting rugged built quality, unique design, Swiss movement, great water resistance, and all-around bang for your buck. As LIV always says, “Go Swiss or Go Home,” and this watch lives up to that Swiss standard. For more information on the GX1 and the history of LIV watches visit

Timelapse of the LIV GX1 Stopwatch in action
Time lapse of the LIV GX1’s chronograph by Chase Monico.
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