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Spice Up That Watch!

I recently started to get into watch straps. I like the different colors and materials that are used today. Typically, when I purchase a watch on a strap, when the strap needs to be replaced, I replace it with the same type of strap that was on it. I thought to myself: why not try something different and change my mindset from the same old status quo.


I have a Bell@Ross Phantom in my collection that’s on a black rubber strap; it came with a nylon Nato strap that I never used. I was on the Internet looking for a new strap to purchase. I came across a website called Panatime and I noticed a black suede strap. I ordered the strap, and when I received it in its wrapper, I didn't think that it was anything special. Boy was I wrong! After changing out my old strap for the new one, my Bell@Ross looked like a totally new and different watch. Seeing what a simple watch strap exchange could do for watch, I became more interested in adding more watch straps to my current watch collection. I found on the Internet a maker—Rob Montana—of custom straps who is pretty much able to make any color and stitch design that I could ever ask for. Rob deals in all types of material, such as leather, croc, suede, and some things that I had never heard of before visiting his website. Rob is also able to do custom stitch designs on the straps to add a little flair.


After doing my research on the Internet, I have found that a blast from the past is making a strong comeback and that is the Nato strap. Tudor Watches has a couple of models, such as the Heritage Chrono, which comes on a steel bracelet along with a Nato strap at no extra fee to give your watch a different look. In the upcoming year brands like Blancpain, Chopard, Chanel, and Hamiltion will offer new watches with the Nato strap along with a host of others.


If your watch doesn’t have that same luster that it used to have, or it is just looking a little on the plain side, I would highly recommend replacing the strap with a different style to improve its looks or to give you a couple different looks for the same watch. I liked the looks of my Bell@Ross but with just a simple strap replacement, it went from a plain Jane to a beauty queen in less than five minutes. Give some life to that watch of yours by adding some color or using a different material like ostrich to spice it up a little.






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