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The Limited Edition Jackie Robinson Wristwatch by Shinola

-Luke Fernandez 4/28/17

Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, posed and ready to swing. Photo by Bob Sandberg.

Shinola Watches came up with a unique idea for a new line of watches called the Great American Series collection. This collection is made up of limited edition wristwatches that are made to honor and commemorate an American icon who had a positive effect on American culture. So far the Great American Series collection has made watches to honor Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, Maya Angelou, Muhamad Ali, and their latest addition, Jackie Robinson.


The limited edition Jackie Robinson wristwatch set was released April 15, 2017. The release date is important because it marks the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first time on the field playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was the first African American athlete to play in Major League Baseball, playing through adversity and breaking the color barrier. It is because of Robinson’s lasting impact on American history as well as American culture that Shinola created a limited edition timepiece in his honor.


The 42-mm stainless steel Jackie Robinson watch includes a midnight blue dial and alligator brown strap. The strap lining is also blue, and the case back is engraved with the number 42 to honor Robinson’s now retired number. The watch also comes with a memorabilia set that includes a small custom score book, pins, postcards, and a mini pennant. The entire set costs a total of $1,500 and is now available online for purchase. For more information about the limited edition Jackie Robinson timepiece or Shinola’s Great American Series visit

Memomem Customization Is Next Level!

-Luke Fernandez 4/28/17

If you want a watch that is completely unique, then Memomem has a solution for you. Memomem watchmaking allows for easy online customization that produces more than 17 trillion different customization combinations. The unisex watch designs that Memomem offers allow for both male and female customers to customize the watch they desire. One of the most unique aspects of their new online customization is the ability to engrave different parts of the watch. Customers can choose to have their name or a quote engraved on multiple places on their custom watch. By using the Memomem engraving services you have the option to engrave the back, the side, or even in the dial of the watch. These custom watches also come equipped with an independent light source that does not depend on external energy. This allows for the light to last as long as 25 years without having to be replaced. For more information visit Memomem’s website or check out the article brought to you by


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