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Swatch's Sistem51: A Modern Marvel

Swatch’s new wristwatch, the Sistem51, has been making big waves in the watch community. The mechanical marvel is made in a factory completely automated (no human hands touch it) and has only 51 parts (hence its name). Nearly twice as many parts are used to produce a typical wristwatch. The components are welded together around a single screw.


The watch, which doesn’t have a regulator, is regulated by a laser. It has a 90-hour power reserve (most automatic reserves are 42-48 hours). Other watch brands with larger power reserves cost thousands of dollars more than this Swatch. The plastic case has a transparent back for viewing the rotor and comes in blue, red, and white with a plastic strap. The black model is on a leather strap. The watch has three hands—hour, minute, seconds—and a date display.


Coming in June to the United States, the watch should retail for $150 to $200. The Sistem51 has been available in Switzerland for several months, and a few can be found on eBay. I’m on the waiting list to purchase this watch from Swatch in King of Prussia, PA. The sales representative said it will be released here in limited numbers. Eventually, Swatch plans to produce millions of these modern-day marvels.




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