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125 Years of Hamilton
Watch Company

-by Keith Lehman (PA) 10/24/17

Visitors viewing new and old Hamilton wristwatches and artifacts in the main showroom at Brent L. Miller Jewelry & Goldsmiths in Lancaster, PA. Keith Lehman.

On September 28, 2017, Hamilton Watch Company celebrated its 125th anniversary at an event hosted by Brent L. Miller Jewelry & Goldsmiths in Lancaster, PA. The National Watch & Clock Museum contributed choice pieces from its extensive Hamilton watch collection. Lancaster was the birthplace of Hamilton Watch Co. and a fitting location to commemorate this historic event. Hundreds of people celebrated this important and enduring watch brand. This event proved that employees of Hamilton Watch Company are as dedicated as their American predecessors to honor their past while creating new and exciting products to delight their customers.

Glass foyer of the Brent L. Miller Jewelry & Goldsmiths store in Lancaster, PA. Keith Lehman.

Visitors were offered complimentary beer, wine, soda, or water even before entering the event. Keith Lehman.

Once inside the foyer complimentary champagne and beignets were also offered to visitors. Keith Lehman.

Choice Hamilton pieces from the National Watch & Clock Museum were on display in the main showcases at the Brent L. Miller Jewelry & Goldsmiths store, including chronometers made during World War II, original 1970s Pulsar wristwatches, and Serial #1—the first watch Hamilton Watch Co. ever produced. Keith Lehman.

Modern Hamilton wristwatches were also represented, including pieces from its Broadway, Khaki, and Ventura series. Keith Lehman.

Hamilton Pulsomatic Digital-Automatic wristwatch. Keith Lehman.

A vast assortment of food was offered during the anniversary, including cheese and meat plates, pork sandwiches, Vietnamese hors d’oeuvres, fruits, and beverages. Keith Lehman.

NAWCC Executive Director & CEO Tom Wilcox, Curator of Collections Kim Jovinelli, and Museum Director Noel Poirier congregate around a patron’s vintage Hamilton collection. Keith Lehman.

Brent L Miller Jewelry and Goldsmith’s East Coast Sales Manager Shannon Shonebarger alongside Hamilton International Ltd. Head of Marketing Fabienne Bozec, U.S. Brand President Murielle Raveloson, and Marketing Manager Federica Caponetto.


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