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keith lehman

Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Pilot on the wrist. WatchNews hompage in the background. Photo by Keith Lehman.

I am a child of the ’80s. My first president was Ronald Reagan, my first favorite song was “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, and my first favorite pastime was playing video games. Many fond memories and friendships were forged to the clanking sound of quarters sliding down arcade coin slots and the furious tapping of home game control pads.  [...]

Would it surprise you to know that if you traveled back 2,600 years to the ancient city of Babylon and handed King Nebuchadnezzar a perpetual calendar chronograph with a moondial, he would instantly recognize it as a timekeeping device? Would it surprise you even more to know that if after converting the Arabic numbers to cuneiform,  [...]


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