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RGM’s 151-PR Professional Pilot Turns Two

-Keith Lehman (PA) 2/23/18

Today is the 2-year anniversary reveal of the RGM Model 151-PR “Professional Pilot.” The following describes the watch in the press release:


This new model has a very technical but traditional pilot style dial with large Super-Luminova numbers for low light visibility. Two versions are available: one with a date window at 3 o’clock and a more period look without a date. The dial displays hours 1 thru 12 and the minutes 5 thru 60. The dial and second hand have red accents which blend nicely with the classic rhodium finished sword style hands.


A prominent element of all 151 models is the American-made stainless steel case, or option titanium case. Each case part is cut from a solid block of 316L surgical stainless steel or aircraft quality titanium. The 151-PR is a functional, technical and aesthetically pleasing pilot watch which fits very comfortably on the wrist. It is a welcome addition to the RGM 151 lineup of technical Pilot watches.

Watchmaker and owner of RGM Watch Company Roland Murphy had this to say about the success of the watch over the past two years. “Our 151 models continue to sell well. Because the case of the 151-PR “Professional Pilot” is 38.5 mm with a thin bezel, the dial is large and easy to read. The watch is also comfortable to wear which makes it popular among our customers.”


WatchNews looks forward to celebrating more anniversaries with Mr. Murphy and RGM Watch Company.

The First Generation Apple Watch

-by Keith Lehman 2/20/18

Apple Watch First Generation with hourglasses in background at the National Watch & Clock Museum. Keith Lehman.

This review of the Apple Watch First Generation began with a trip to the National Watch & Clock collections department. There Curator of Collections Kim Jovinelli greeted me. After completing a loan form, I was given the watch complete in the box with packaging. I tried to hide my excitement as I hurried back upstairs to my office to unpack my latest, and sadly, temporary acquisition.


With everything Apple, the entire experience is well—an experience. From taking the watch out of the box to taking it for a walk to complete my fitness circles, everything is smooth and seamless. I did have difficulty updating the watch’s software and had to restart the process several times. This actually took over an hour to get it right but, in fairness, WatchOS had four updates since its initial launch, so it’s not surprising to run into difficulties.

Apple Watch First Generation in packaging. Keith Lehman.

My first great moment with the watch happened when my girlfriend called me at work. When I answered the call by tapping the accept button on the watch and had a clear-sounding and successful conversation, I could imagine myself as Dick Tracy, and she as Breathless Mahoney, attempting to crack a case.


What the Apple Watch does brilliantly is augment the experience of smartphone ownership. Text messaging, receiving emails, getting directions, and sending and receiving phone calls, can now be done on your wrist with ease. But the watch’s real innovation is the new focus on health and wellness. It reminds us that we are in fact alive. It reads the rate and rhythm of our heartbeats, how many steps we take, and demonstrates how mindful breathing is good for us. These insights allow for personal discoveries. I learned, for instance, that my heart rate drops significantly when I play guitar.

Apple Watch First Generation with Hamilton Pulsar display in background at the National Watch & Clock Museum. Keith Lehman.

During this review I wore the Apple Watch on my right wrist and a mechanical on my left. Wearing two watches on different wrists may seem strange but I’m not the first and my admiration for mechanical watches did not diminish. Many of my mechanicals are from the early 1900s and it was fascinating to experience them in contrast with the Apple watch. Both command wonder in utility and admiration of craft but in different ways.


It’s clear how the Apple Watch First Generation launched a revolution in the watch industry. Its impact was so great that, like Heinz is to ketchup, Apple is to smartwatch. The watch is not the first smartwatch, wearable fitness tracker, or affordable luxury item. But unlike its predecessors, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s more than a watch; it’s a trusted companion, a lucky charm, a reassuring voice in the darkness, a modern marvel, and yes, in more ways than one, a device that tells the time.

Apple Watch First Generation as part of the History of the Smartwatch display at the National Watch & Clock Museum. Keith Lehman.


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