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by Stephanie Potter

-by Keith Lehman

-by Keith Lehman

Prior to the 1970s the Swiss watch industry owned 50 percent of the world market, but when the quartz revolution started, its market share dropped. Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watches have fewer moving parts and [...]

In the early 1990s the Internet wasn’t much to look at. It was primarily tables, text, and hyperlinks that led to even more tables, text, and hyperlinks. Back then, magazines and newspapers were the primary media to promote wristwatches. [...]

In 1900, off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera, a group of sponge divers discovered a shipwreck of an ancient Roman merchant vessel. Among the variety of treasures found, including statues, pottery, and coins, was an unidentified calcified clump. Along with the other contents  [...]

by Adam Harris

by Keith Lehman

What would a review of the First Generation Apple Watch be like if it were released today and not two years ago? Would it still be the industry-shaking product that we know that it is today? Just how far ahead of its rivals, including modern-day competitor models and excluding later models of itself,  [...]

This new model has a very technical but traditional pilot style dial with large Super-Luminova numbers for low light visibility. Two versions are available: one with a date window at 3 o’clock and a more period look without a date. The dial displays hours 1 thru 12 and the minutes 5 thru 60. The dial and second  [...]

Today’s modern regulator timepieces, like the Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator, have separate dials to display the hours and the minutes, a style mainly found on precision timekeepers.  [...]


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