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Plot Twist! Vortic Watch Co. Turns Pocket Watch into a… Pocket Watch!

- By Vortic Watch Co. (CO) 08/12/20

pocket watch with fob chain

Vortic Watch Co., the only company with watches 100% made in the United States and the only company in the world that converts antique pocket watches into wristwatches, announces it will release its first pocket watch!

Why? Because people ask time and time again if Vortic can make them a pocket watch or if they can keep their cherished heirloom in its original form. According to Vortic, this is the only pocket watch “Made in the USA” since Hamilton stopped making their 992B pocket watch in the ‘50s or ‘60s.

“What we made is a pocket watch housing for an antique pocket watch movement, but now with water resistance, an exhibition back, and many other examples of modern engineering,” says Vortic Watch Co. co-founder, R.T. Custer.

Vortic salvaged an antique Elgin railroad-grade pocket watch loose movement, dial, and hands. But instead of converting it into a wristwatch, manufactured a case without lugs. Part of the Railroad Edition, this special pocket watch case is cut from a block of bronze specifically for this Father Time movement.

pocket watch with fob chain showing its exhibition case

The new pocket watch is lever set, so it has Vortic’s special removable bezel to access the setting safety mechanism while still protecting the dial using Gorilla Glass Crystals. It has an exhibition case-back just like classic Vortic watches. When the bezel is on, it’s fully water resistant and comes complete with a vintage chain.

For now, Vortic made just the one pocket watch. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique piece. “If we get good feedback, we may or may not make more of them, but we definitely won’t make very many,” says Custer.

close up of a pocket watch

About Vortic Watch Company

Founded at Penn State University in 2013, Vortic Watch Co. preserves American history one watch at a time. Most antique American pocket watches today are scrapped for precious metal value of their gold or silver cases. Vortic, instead salvages, restores and transforms those pieces of American history into unique wristwatches. Each and every timepiece is one of a kind, and built by hand in the Fort Collins, CO, workshop.

The engineering system Vortic created is the only wristwatch in the world designed specifically to convert American pocket watches into wristwatches. A Vortic watch is entirely manufactured in the United States. Skilled craftsmen restore and rebuild the original antique pocket watches and the Vortic team creates a custom casing system for each piece. Vortic takes pride in converting family heirloom pocket watches into wristwatches that can now be cherished and worn for generations.

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