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- Keith Lehman (PA) 10/17/18

Photo of two whikey glasses and cigar with cigar cutter

On Thursday, November 8th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m., the National Watch & Clock Museum will hold its first annual Whiskey & Watches event. Stoll & Wolfe Distillery will pour different whiskeys for tasting, comparing and contrasting appearances, aromas, and flavors. Bully's Restaurant & Pub will offer food and, for out of towners, lodging. Drew Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Watch Repair, will give advice about purchasing high-end wristwatches. All vendors are from Pennsylvania and are local to the York and Lancaster county areas.

The Museum has held similar events in the past. Wine & Chimes, which showcased local Pennsylvania wineries, ran five years, and their annual Hops 'n' Clocks event, which features breweries and restaurants, enjoyed its 11th year this July. The aim of Whiskey & Watches is to introduce guests to the world of high-end wristwatches while enjoying locally-distilled whiskey and exclusive, hand-rolled cigars, in a relaxed and social setting.

There will be many great wristwatches to see the night of the event but one in particular that will stand apart. Colorado based start-up, Vortic Watch Company, found and re-purposed an original, circa 1920, South Bend Watch Co. pocket watch movement featuring a Harley-Davidson logo in a wrist watch. Featuring 19 jewels and a beautiful bridge design, this movement has been expertly restored to its original condition. Because it is unique, Vortic Watch Co. partnered with Harley's HOG Magazine and the popular watch culture magazine, Revolution, to promote an on-line fundraiser auction in support of their favorite cause: The National Watch and Clock Museum. The funds raised will support future research projects and exhibits featuring historical watches like this one. We hope you'll consider supporting us by sharing this information with your watch and Harley-Davidson loving friends and by bidding on this watch.

Vortic Watch Co. Harley Davidson wristwatch with a South Bend Watch Co. pocket watch and movement.
Vortic Watch Co. Harley Davidson wristwatch with a South Bend Watch Co. pocket watch and movement.

A limited amount of tickets are available. Attendees must be 21 or older and IDs will be checked at the door. Get your tickets today!

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