Third Time’s a Charm: Introducing the Apple Watch 3
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Third Time’s a Charm: Introducing the Apple Watch 3

- By Keith Lehman (PA) 9/22/17

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Apple announced many exciting new products during this year’s Apple Special Event on September 12, 2017. Each item announced at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA, was sure to interest Apple fans, but the Apple Watch 3 is guaranteed to interest wristwatch fans. Love it or hate it, everyone in the wristwatch industry seems to have an opinion about the Apple Watch. Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has improved in quality and functionality and is now the highest sold wristwatch in the world. The 2015 WatchNews article Is the Apple Watch the New Quartz Revolution? examines the smartwatch boom and how it parallels the 1970s quartz watch boom that disrupted the mechanical Swiss watchmaking industry.

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That was when the Apple Watch fist debuted, and although no one is trading their Rolex in for an Apple Watch (yet), a lot has changed. Now with cellular capability many industry leaders think that the Apple Watch 3 is a game changer. Could it be that the smartphone industry may inevitably face the same level of disruption that the wristwatch industry has faced? Here are some of the more interesting articles and reviews that I have read about Apple’s latest watch.

Hodinkee: A Week On The Wrist The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition by Benjamin Clymer

The Verge: Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Review

Tech Crunch: It’s not hard to beat Rolex, Apple by John Biggs

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