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Analog Watch Co. Review:
Carpenter Collection
Makore & Red Sanders Watch

-Aidan Hickey (PA) 8/10/17

It was very interesting to do a review on a watch company that not only creates innovative fashion but does so in tribute and harmony with nature. Analog Watches are partners with Trees for the Future. This means that every time you buy a watch from the Carpenter Collection a tree is planted. Furthermore, Analog gets all its wooden materials, such as bamboo, teak, maple, and makore, from waste at lumber mills.

Analog Watch Co.'s Red Sanders and Makore watch in box. Keith Lehman.

Back of Analog Watch Co.'s Red Sanders and Makore watch. Keith Lehman.

The watch is made out of a bold red sanders wood. The straps are makore, and actually the world’s first bendable wooden strap for a watch. The simplicity of the design only emphasizes the wooden material and stands out on the wrist.


While the grain in the red sanders wood makes it a beautiful piece, I was skeptical at the comfort level of walking around with literally a wooden watch on my wrist. But the straps smoothly run along your wrist, and in my opinion, are more comfortable than some leather strap watches I have worn.

Analog Watch Co.'s Red Sanders and Makore watch with  their Bamboo and Teak watch in background. Keith Lehman.

I recommend this watch for anyone who has an appreciation for nature or who wants a unique watch to add to their collection. The watch looks great with casual wear and is guaranteed to be an interesting talking point.


If you are interested in additional wood watches Analog has created, check out its website.

Bulova 97A155 Men’s Accutron II Alpha Watch

-Keith Lehman (PA) 9/8/17

Introduced in 2014, the Bulova Accutron II Alpha pays homage to the original 1960s Series 214 Spaceview models that were first used by NASA and then later made available to the public.


The new watch is clearly meant to look different and more attractive than its predecessor. The combination of the open face dial with the shield-shaped case gives it a clean, sleek, and easy to read look that still provides the same futuristic vibe that made the original Spaceview watches so popular.

The original Spaceview used battery powered vibrating tuning fork that turned the hands of the watch. Worn by Buzz Aldrin, the Omega Speedmaster was the first wristwatch to land on the moon, but it was Accutron technology that powered the timekeeping equipment on the Apollo 11 space shuttle.


The “open layout” look of the face was not originally planned when the watch was introduced in the 1960s. Bulova revealed the open-face watches as display models to show people the new tuning fork system and smaller parts inside. It is surprising that people thought the display models were the actual models and wanted to buy these unique open-face watches. Once Bulova realized this, the company quickly began to produce them in large quantities as their popularity spread like wildfire. More than 2 million Accutrons were sold in the 1960s and 1970s.

If you look closely, you can see the 262 KHz is printed under the hands on the dial. The Accutron II Alpha does not have a tuning fork like the original and is much more accurate than the original electro/mechanical movement.


The original 1960s Accutron Series 214 was ± 1 minute a month or 1.9 seconds a day. This Accutron II version 262 KHz is ± 1 second a year. Like its predecessor though, the second hand of the Accutron moves in an elegant smooth motion around the dial.

The Accutron II’s unique history and bold design make it a fun and noticeable watch to wear. The watch is dressy enough to wear in a business casual setting and durable enough to take out fishing or hiking.


One aspect that is disappointing is the strap/clamp system to put on the watch. Although a deployment clasp is typically safer, this version is uncomfortable to put on and can protrude from your wrist.

Bulova no longer sells the Accutron II on its online store, but you can find the Accutron II at third-party retailers, such as Princeton Watches, Amazon, or Bonton for prices ranging from $270 to $400.


Watch Specs:

Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Case: 42 mm stainless steel

Year: 2014

Movement: 262 kHz Accutron II Ultrahigh Frequency Quartz Movement

Buckle: Strap buckle

Water Resistance: 30 meters


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