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1917 Silver Mappin Campaign Watch, Longines


The outer case and dust cover are signed “AB” for Arthur Baum, a director of Baume & Co., who had sole rights to the UK Longines agency. British Silver Import mark for London 1917. The 15J movement is also marked with B & Co. and 13.34, which refers to the movement calibre. Serial No. 3,412,647 dates the year of manufacture to 1917.


This genuine World War I period silver military-type watch was manufactured by Longines and retailed through the London jewelers Mappin & Webb. Known as The Mappin Campaign watch, these watches were sold to officers and troops as private purchase items.


Arthur Baume

This AB mark is the sponsor’s mark registered at the assay office by Arthur Baume (1888-1923), managing director of Baume & Co., the importer of Longines watches to the UK and all of the British Commonwealth, and also watchmakers in their own right. Otherwise unmarked Logines watches from the early twentieth century often bear the mark “B & Co.” for Baume & Co. next to the movement calibre number under the balance wheel. Courtesy of David B. Boettcher.


Longines Official Records

The serial number 3,412,647 identifies a silver 0.925 wristwatch fitted with the Longines manufacture caliber 13.34ZZ that was first produced in 1910. It was invoiced to Messrs. Baume, who were for many years our agent for UK, on September 2, 1917.

And finally the Mappin & Webb CAMPAIGN in 1954!!  Still continuing—AMAZING!



Acknowledgments: Dennis Harris, ”The Early Wrist Watch in Times of War,” Horological Journal, 1998, and David Boettcher, Arthur Baume information.


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